Feb 7, 2010

Live Effect Plugin Creation In Progress

I'm studying about how to create a live effect plugin these days.
According to Adobe's Ai CS4 SDK "porting-guide" document(p.16), they recommend developers to use live effect instead of filter, because filter support may be removed in a future release of Ai.

The image above is a live effect version of Random Tile plugin. I won't release this for following reason.

In a live effect plugin, when a user edits the shape that applied effects, the effects are executed again. This feature itself seems a reasonable behavior. But, in Random Tile plugin, this means that it causes a regeneration of random values. The shapes and the colors of the objects totally change if a user makes a bit of editing - e.g. resizing. It will be not a behavior that users expect.

One solution is that storing various information into the parameters of the effect, and restoring them after editing. But in this case, the amounts of information to store will be so huge. In filter, it doesn't need to keep such a heavy data. And in the restoring process, I must consider the possibility that there may be added, moved or removed objects. It needs more and more complicated coding than filter.

The plugins that use random values may be unfit for live effect function.
Though they say filter is obsolete, I wonder if live effect completely replace filter's function.

Anyway, I think I could realize the basic architecture of the live effect. I want to post something in the near future.

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