Feb 10, 2013


Added a script for Illustrator dupAlongThePath.jsx to my Github repository.

This script duplicates the foreground selected object on the rest of selected paths with specified interval.

It is similar to the script "Dup At Selected Anchors.jsx" I uploaded before.  But this one duplicates the object along the path in equally interval regardless of the anchor points.
In addition, the duplicated objects are rotated to the normal direction of the path.  And they are scaled with the specified range.  Set 0 for the fluctuation range if you don't want to scale them.

I'm not sure whether we can get this kind of result by Brush tool.  At least, with Brush tool, we can't limit the scale direction of each duplicated object only toward x or y axis. (I'm not also confident about it.)  Anyway, I'm sure I can use the each part of internal process for the other various purposes in the future.

Visit the following page to view the code.

The rotation is processed according to the angle of the line connecting the previous and next duplicate points. So the object isn't duplicated at the both end points of the open path.