Jul 25, 2009

tree (2)

I modified the script of previous article to create “top view” with it. Is it just like this? ... This isn't so beautiful.
Maybe it is better to create more simple, pictogram-like shape rather than persist on reality.

And it needs leaves. it makes needlessly complex image to draw each leaves. But Pathfinder is not available in AI's scripting function.
If Scriptographer's Pathfinder function works well, it may be better to use it.

Jul 24, 2009

tree (1)

Recently I had a suggestion about a script that draws trees of top view for architect use, by an e-mail. This image was made by an experimental script for this. This is an all-too-common fractal shape but implements a bezier curve feature. At least it needs an interface that enables to adjust variables easily, and an implementation of randomness.

download - b_aics_script_tree_example_090724.zip

BTW, Sg for CS4 was released! I haven't tried it yet.

Jul 5, 2009

image: Buildings

This is an image with rot3d.js effect.
I wrote a supplementary small script to randomize the heights of the buildings.