Jul 3, 2015

Distribute PointTexts by Anchor

Using Adobe Illustrator, assume that after you draw a table with point texts, and then you need to insert one more column, like above image.  Modifying the frame is rather easy work.  But how do you re-distribute the point texts?

If you use "Horizontal Distribute Space" button in Align palette, the result is "equally spaced" distribution (fig. A), which is not suitable in this case.  Additionally, you may be annoyed selecting only text objects to distribute (without paths).

I don't know whether there is a tip for this kind of work, I wrote a script for a tentative solution.

download: aicc_script_distribute_pointtext_anchors_en.zip

This script distributes point texts in the selection horizontal or vertical, in equally space based on their anchor points. (fig. B)  The objects rather than point text in the selection are ignored.

The orientation to distribute is determined automatically by the positions of the selected point texts.  If the width of the rectangle which encloses all the anchor point of them is greater than its height, the orientation is horizontal. Otherwise, it's vertical.

* If the orientation is horizontal, vertical position is aligned to the position of the leftmost text object.(Topmost for vertical.) (select fig. C and run this script results fig.B)
If you don't want this behavior, open the script with text editor and modify the value of "opts.align" (at the beginning part of the script) to "false".

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