Jun 21, 2009

image: Spiral Sphere

This script creates 2 groups of pathes -- front and back side -- and a circle as an outline.

The sphere's center is the origin of the artboard -- (x, y, z) = (0, 0, 0). And the viewing point is (x, y, z) = (0, 0, infinity). This means the virtual eye is not looking down the sphere. Rather the sphere is leaning toward the eye.

This assumption makes it so simple to check the current point is at the front or back side. It is just to check if the z-axis value is greater than zero or not.

download: b_aics_script_spiral_sphere.zip


  1. Is there any possibility of making a GIF animation, or similar, showing how the spiral would move in a circular motion please?

  2. I have a need to know the equation of the spiral on the sphere shown on this page. I'm playing with an idea for fun and may machine something out of a sphere. Can you help?


  3. Hey, I am using this script for a diagram in my dissertation.

    Can I have some information to reference you :)



  4. Allan,
    Please see inside the downloadable script above. I think it's not so difficult to understand how to calculate it even if you don't know about JavaScript.

    I'm happy I could help you. Sorry, but I'm uncertain about what is a proper reference for you. About this contents (spiral sphere), I don't have any particular reference. About me, I'm a Japanese living in Tokyo, and the author of this blog.

  5. Could I please have your full name, and how you would prefer it to be initialled.

    Kind Regards,


  6. Nick,
    OK, my name is Hiroyuki Sato. Since I'm unfamiliar with the style of the dissertation, I'd like to leave it to you that how it to be initialled.



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