Nov 24, 2013

new Layer Extension for AiCC (ver.1.2.1)

This is a modified version of Adobe Illustrator CC Extension I posted previous time.  This extension adds a new layer of custom selection mark color above the active layer.

It uses Brackets and CC-Extension-Builder-for-Brackets.

I rearranged the buttons in one line for the usage of attaching this panel to the bottom of the layer palette.

The "auto" button sets the color according to the neighboring layers.  Other color chip buttons set the color of each button.
When the checkbox is checked, each button changes the current layer's color instead of adding new layer.  The checkbox gets unchecked when mouse leaves from the panel.

The bundle ID has changed from the previous version.  Please remove the previous version before you install this version.


Tested: Adobe Illustrator CC (Win/Mac)

Distributed under the MIT License.
See the notice during the installation for details.


  1. please update for cc2014 windows.

    1. Sorry! Here it is.
      It can be used with Ai 17.0-18.9.


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