Dec 6, 2013

handleGlue Extension 1.1.0 for AiCC

Assume you want to draw a shape like this with Adobe Illustrator.
You may think it's troublesome to connect the side lines smoothly with ovals.

This is a HTML5 extension for Adobe Illustrator CC that it can be a relief in such case.

It moves the selected end points of the foreground open path to the nearest point on the other selected paths.

How To Use : Select paths (anchor points to glue and the segments to glue to) and hit Run button.

You can set 3 optional values by editing the script.

mode "nearest" : moves the selected end points of the foreground open path(s) to its anchor point's nearest point on the other selected segments.
The handle is rotated to the tangent's angle at the point.

mode "angle" : moves the selected end point of the foreground open path(s) to its inner handle's nearest tangent point on the other selected paths.
If the segment is straight, (and the handle of selected point is parallel to it), selected end point is moved to its nearest point on it.

"multi" checkbox : If checked, it moves all the open path in the selection. Otherwise, it moves only the foreground open path.
If checked and all the selected paths are open path, the last (most background) path is treated as "the other path".

"add anchor" checkbox : If checked, it adds an anchor point at the point on the path that the selected anchor moved to.

"Undo" button performs undo.  I placed this button because the keyboard-event is caught by panel and doesn't reach to application during the panel activated.
After undo, all the anchor points are selected.  So "Run - Undo - Run" sequence can cause an unexpected result.

Note 1: Works only on Illustrator CC (or later?)

Note 2: A warning dialog will appear during installation since the embedded certificate is self-signed. Continue installation if you trust me :)

The envisioned usage of this extension is, so to speak, drawing roughly and snapping tight with easy action.  So please don't use this for the purpose like accurate measuring of the nearest point.

download: / 2013.12.07 fixed a bug
download: / 2013.12.07 embeded small icons. added an alert when no anchor is selected in the target path.

download: handleGlue 1.1.3 / 2013.12.10 The link is the description page on Adobe Exchange.  You can install it from Adobe Exchange panel under Windows menu of AiCC / modified to remove outside handles in "angle" mode. fixed typo in messages.

Tested: Adobe Illustrator CC (Win/Mac)

Distributed under the MIT License.
See the license notice during installation for details.


  1. Aren't you going to relese it as .jsx script? Why Exchange? It would be more neat to use it as cript for me than rely on Adobe service.

    1. There's .jsx script version on my Github page.

      HTML5 Extension is interesting.
      One of the problem is that the users cannot view the code inside an extension before they install it. Since Adobe Exchange has the approval process, users can trust the products in there.

  2. Thank you for .jsx! My workflow is built tightly on using scripts, so it's more convinient for me to use. I use piano-style keyboard shortcuts to get to the scripts I need, which are sorted in folders and have hot letters and digits assigned to them, and AutoHotKey to link most often used to short shortcuts.
    When I said "trust" I didn't mean viruses or malware or just bad products Exchange service is offering, I meant Adobe as they dealing with AI: casualising it, adding new bugs and never fixing old ones :)
    Thank you again for almost all of your stuff, I use it a lot.


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